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A gateway to the skies, Narita International Airport is located approximately 60 kilometers from central Tokyo. There are several ways to access central Tokyo. One way is to take a limousine bus. You will find the ticket counter right in front of you as you exit customs. 
It takes around eighty minutes to central Tokyo. Limousine buses deliver people to all the major hotels in Tokyo so they are very convenient. You just tell them where you are going and buy your ticket. the fare depends on your destination but it is generally around 3,000 yen. Remember to check out the time table. The bus stop is right outside the arrival lobby. Confirm the destination before boarding. 
Other than the bus, the express railway the JR express train Narita Express connects Tokyo Station and other major terminal stations to the airport in around sixty minutes. 
The Keisei express train Skyliner runs to another terminal station; Ueno station in 56 minutes. 
As Tokyo has one of the most advanced railway networks in the world, it is possible to go almost anywhere in central Tokyo just using the JR and subway lines. So let’s go explore the city of Tokyo…
The way to use the railway system is the same everywhere in the city. When you get to the station, check the railway map and find out the fare to your destination. The ticket vending machines have English guidance. Follow the instructions, pay your fair and receive a ticket.
Remember to collect your ticket as you pass through the automatic ticket gate. Read the platform signs to confirm your destination and board the train. Confirmed the station at your
disembarkation by displays in the train. Exit through the automatic ticket gate. Find out the closest exit to your destination by checking the information board and exit from underground. All big cities like Tokyo have a convenient rechargeable ticket system. One ticket is good for use on all JR, subway and private railway lines and on buses too. So make good use of the railway system and enjoy Tokyo to them fullest.

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